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Teach a Child to Love Bluebirds and Bluebirds will be with us forever.

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Magic Summer of Bluebirds

Great Reviews in the North American Bluebird magazine and Southern Interior Bluebird Trail Society in British Columbia, Canada

A family nature adventure ...

During a magic summer of adventures, Great Gramma reads a little each day from her Bluebird Diary telling how the bluebirds finally came to live on Green Ridge Drive.

Readers learn how to attract bluebirds, build houses for them, establish Bluebird Trails, and be good Bluebird landlords.

A family book set in Baker City, Oregon that was 27 years in the making.

Bluebird House plans and glossary of terms included.

Story by Lucille Nellis of Dillon, Monana, and Micki Nellis of Cleburne, Texas.

Illustrations by Tom Novak of Baker City, Oregon.

48 page hardbound book, $16.95.
Quantity discounts available.