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The BackStory

Everything that Great Gramma Nellis read from the Bluebird Diary was from Lucille Nellis’ original manuscript written in longhand in the summers of 1981 – 1983. The children (Lucille’s great grandchildren) were written into the story in 2009, more than 25 years later, by Micki Stout Nellis. The characters are real, and the story reflects their personalities.

Although the story did not happen as written, it COULD have happened, for the Nellises are a clan of nurturers. Lucille spent many magic summers with her grandchildren, often plucking them up from one family, putting them in her little white pickup truck, and taking them on adventures with other relatives.

About Buffalo Creek Press

Alden and Micki Nellis of Buffalo Creek Press have been independent publishers since 1978. They started by founding a local newspaper, then a national newspaper, then a regional magazine, and then started publishing books and interactive multimedia CDs and DVDs.

They started their first publishing project, the Iredell Times, in a town of 300 using a Varitype wheel to make headlines and justowriters to set type.

When using justowriters, news is typed on a machine which cuts holes in a roll of paper tape. The operator can not see what has been typed - only the holes in the tape. The roll of tape is then fed through another justowriter which reads the tape and produces a typewritten "justifed" column. The columns are then cut apart, run through a waxer, and pasted onto a layout page. A large negative is then made from the pasted-up page, and this negative is used on the printing press.

Alden and Micki did all the work themselves except the actual printing - from writing, editing, taking and developing photographs, typesetting, layout, and making the page negatives.

Publications include the Iredell Times newspaper, the American Agriculture News, Life in the Heart of Texas (regional magazine), and books Makin' It on the Farm: Alcohol Fuel is the Road to Independence (used as a how to book in community colleges and recommended by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms); One Man with Courage (the story of Wayne Cryts and the bankrupt Ristine, Missouri elevator); Constitution: Fact or Fiction by Dr. Eugene Schroder with Micki Nellis; War, Central Planning and Corporations; Logan and the Duck Patrol (both a children's book and interactive CD); Faith, Love and Life, original poetry by Acie Fox (ebook on CD); Tales of Pollard, Oklahoma by Those Who Lived There (ebook and photos on CD); and a cookbook for the local herb club, Cooking with Herbs and Spices: Desserts.

Now comes Magic Summer of Bluebirds, a Nellis family project.

ISBN 9781885534194 Buffalo Creek Press, PO Box 2424, Cleburne Texas 76033


Magic Summer of Bluebirds

Written by Lucille Nellis and Micki Nellis
Richly illustrated by Tom Novak

ISBN 9781885534194
Buffalo Creek Press
PO Box 2424
Cleburne Texas 76033

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