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Lucille Nellis became a published author at age 96.

With the publication of Magic Summer of Bluebirds, one of Lucille Nellis' many nature stories found its way into print.
Lucille, a teacher, wife and mother of 8, is a keen observer and taught her children to be the same. She lives in Dillon, Montana.

Lucille in 1937 Lucille in 1944 Lucille Nellis

Lucille (Couch) Nellis was born on a farm near Haviland, Kansas. She became a teacher and for a while taught in Winfield, Kansas where she helped two of her brothers, Dean and Dwight, attend college. There she met Alden Gilbert Nellis. Together they raised eight children.

They lived in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, Hominy, Oklahoma, Haviland and Winfield, Kansas,briefly in Silver City, New Mexico, and then in Wickenburg, Arizona. After Alden’s death in 1971,Lucille lived in Reno, Nevada, Baker City, Oregon, and Camp Verde, Arizona. She moved to Dillon, Montana in 2004.

Lucille was a lifelong bird watcher and nature lover who instilled a habit of observation in all her children. She loved the desert (partly because there were fewer bugs) and was seldom seen without her binoculars.


About Micki Nellis

Micki Nellis has written and edited several books, newspapers and a regional magazine. Trained in microbiology, she branched out into computer software and writing. She lives in Cleburne, Texas with husband Alden.


Alden and Micki Nellis

Alden and Micki Last Week

Alden and Micki Nellis

It was a tough week.

Micki writing on vacation

Micki was born in a log cabin built by her father, Sam Stout, in Pollard, Oklahoma,and attended a country school with eight grades in one room. Her mother, Bessie,would say to her children while the whole family chopped cotton “You go to school and get a good education and you won’t have to work like this all your life.”

Micki graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Phi Beta Kappa key and a B.S. with Distinction. She worked in chemistry and microbiology for several years, then switched to publishing and to computers.

She is the author of the children’s book Logan and the Duck Patrol, a how-to book Makin’ It on the Farm - Alcohol Fuel is the Road to Independence, and other books. She edited Tales of Pollard Oklahoma by Those Who Lived There, which became a part of the Oklahoma Historical Society reference library. She lives in Cleburne, Texas with husband Alden. See

About Tom Novak

Tom lives and works in Baker City, Oregon. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, he has illustrated more than 20 books.

Tom Novak's StudioTom Novak

Born and raised in Chicago, he graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1973, promptly moved to Oregon where he still lives in Baker City, and where he is surrounded by loving family and friends. Tom has illustrated over 20 books so far. For more information please visit his website:

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