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Review from the Southern Interior Bluebird Trails Society spring newsletter.

Reprinted with permission of Sherry Linn, North American Bluebird Society (NABS) Affiliate - Southern Interior Bluebird Trail Society British Columbia, Canada, and also NABS Board (2nd VP - Community Relations, and chair of the Membership Committee.)

New Children’s Bluebird Book

Are you looking for a good summer read for your children or grandchildren?

Are you looking for that perfect gift for a child you know?

Well search no longer!

This wonderful story was based on the journal entries written almost 30 years ago by a person just like you. Lucille Nellis was someone who knew the intimate details of the lives of bluebirds, cared for nesting habitat, & recorded everyday happenings of the natural world around her.

Lucille’s daughter-in-law Micki took the diary & personalized it using the grandchildren as the characters. Micki has created a warm story of mixed fact & fiction that will capture the hearts of everyone who reads it. The book is richly illustrated by Tom Novak so even the youngest “reader” will be captivated. The book retails for $16.95 & can be ordered directly from the publisher:

Buffalo Creek Press 603 N. Main, PO Box 2424, Cleburne TX 76033. Check them out at



From Bluebird Magazine, official publication of the North American Bluebird Society:

Review by Scott Gillihan

MAGIC SUMMER OF BLUEBIRDS, by Lucille Nellis and Micki Nellis, w/illustrations by tom novak.  Buffalo Creek Press, Cleburne, TX; 2010; 46 pages

Great Gramma Nellis has a house full of great-grandkids for the summer.  The kids are treated to all kinds of adventures in rural Oregon - hiking, swimming, horseback riding - but they are captivated by the local Western Bluebirds and the story of how 
they came to nest there.

In addition to the story, the book includes a glossary of words that  might be unfamiliar to children, and photographs of flowers, birds, and other animals.  One page features plans for a bluebird nestbox, and the story provides basic information on nestbox placement and monitoring.

The terrific illustrations and charming story should inspire young people to learn more about bluebirds (and about Nature in general).


More Reviews of Magic Summer of Bluebirds

What a beautiful book. The illustrations are so vivid and fun - Noelle

Artimals Studio
Eugene, Oregon

"MAGIC SUMMER OF BLUEBIRDS" is a delightful story that entertains while it informs.  It is a wonderful book celebrating sharing among generations in a family.  It will be a great book to read aloud.  The illustrations bring the story to life and really highlight the beauty of the bluebirds." 

Carolyn Kulog,                                                     Owner of Betty's Books
Baker City, Oregon

Beautifully illustrated. Lovely story. Has real heart and truth. Nicely done. For all ages..

- Eric and Patti


You don't need to travel to an amusement part in southern California to have magic in your summer. Just get a copy of beautifully illustrated Magic Summer of Bluebirds and the authors will take you on an magic adventure to rural Oregon to share the delights of nature and the love of family w/Gramma and her family.

- S - educator of young children

This is a great book because it not only entertains, but it educates.  Tom does his usual wonderful artwork and the story really comes to life with his illustrations. My husband hunts near Dayton, Washington and there is an area with a long stretch of fencing and on every 2 or 3 posts rests a nesting box just like the ones in the story. I can see this book as a great project idea for cub scouts or summer camps, etc. We have a group of birdhouses in our backyard and love to watch the birds taking scraps of twigs and cloth and such in to build their nests.  Thank goodness the entry hole is too small for the bigger scavenger birds that try their hardest to get in. Great book and wonderful illustrations.
Julie Mabry

ISBN 9781885534194 Buffalo Creek Press, PO Box 2424, Cleburne Texas 76033

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